DG-10 Wired Intercom System

DG-10 Wired Intercom System



Introducing the DG-10 Wired Intercom System: Simplified Excellence

The DG-10 Wired Intercom System is a streamlined yet powerful alternative to the DG-30, offering exceptional performance and clarity in motorsport communication. Designed by Stilo, a pioneer in intercom technology, the DG-10 brings digital innovation to the forefront, setting new standards for rally sport communication.

Why Digital Matters:

In the world of rally sport, clear communication is paramount. The DG-10 embraces the digital realm, leaving traditional analog intercoms in the dust. Here's why you should make the switch:

  • Active Digital Noise Cancellation: Experience the magic of active digital noise cancellation (ADNC). In mere milliseconds, the DG-10 can distinguish and isolate the crucial voices of drivers and co-drivers from the cacophony of engine roars, transmission clatter, and rough road sounds. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to crystal-clear communication.
  • Bluetooth Integration: Stay connected like never before with integrated Bluetooth. Seamlessly link your mobile phone for on-the-go communication without missing a beat.
  • Versatile Connectivity: The DG-10 is ready for action with camera and radio connections, ensuring you're always in sync with your team and the race.
  • Hassle-Free Helmet Connection: The DG-10 comes complete with integrated helmet connection cables, simplifying setup and ensuring a secure fit.

Customize Your Experience: The DG-10 offers optional adapters to further enhance your setup:

  • CG0013 Radio Interface: Connect your DG-10 intercom to the radio effortlessly.
  • CG0014 Kenwood Radio Interface: Specifically designed for Kenwood radios, this adapter includes a YC0001 PTT (Push-to-Talk) button for added convenience.
  • CG0017 Motorola Radio Interface: Tailored for Motorola radios, this adapter also features a YC0001 PTT button for seamless operation.
  • YY0030 Isolating Filter: This handy accessory (1 IN / 2 OUT RCA) ensures optimal sound quality, reducing interference and enhancing your DG-10 intercom's performance.

Upgrade your rally communication to the digital era with the DG-10 Wired Intercom System from Stilo. Unleash the power of active digital noise cancellation, stay connected with Bluetooth, and enjoy the convenience of integrated connections. Elevate your rally experience with Stilo's cutting-edge technology.

Make the DG-10 your go-to choice for superior motorsport communication and embark on a new era in rally sport communication excellence.munication like never before.


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