Stilo SA2020 VENTI SPORT PLUS Composite Helmet

Stilo SA2020 VENTI SPORT PLUS Composite Helmet


HOMOLOGATION: Snell SA2020 and FIA 8859 certified


Shipping Mid Dec. 2023.

Stilo is thrilled to unveil the Venti Sport PLUS, a new for 2024 open-faced helmet designed for the next generation of automotive enthusiasts. Crafted from a Fiberglass Kevlar Composite shell, the Venti Sport PLUS merges safety and style seamlessly, providing aspiring drivers with a perfect head start on their motorsport journey.


Introducing the Venti SPORT PLUS Composite Helmet –

The Venti Sport is available in two design variations: “Jet” and “Plus,” both featuring the exceptional strength and durability of the Fiberglass Kevlar Composite shell. Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned driver, the Venti Sport is your perfect companion on the road to automotive excellence. 

Features include adjustable peak, HANS post pre-installed, Boom Mic + Speakers with externally wired coms.

Advanced Shell Construction: Crafted with a shell structure in MSF (Multi Sandwich Fibers) and reinforced with Kevlar. This combination ensures unparalleled impact resistance, giving you peace of mind while driving at the edge.


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