WRC Academy Intercom System

WRC Academy Intercom System


Introducing the WRC Academy Intercom System: Elevate Your Training Experience

The WRC Academy Intercom System is specially designed for the prestigious Richard Petty Academy, offering seamless communication just like the reliable WRC 03 Intercom system. However, this "academy" version goes the extra mile, catering to the unique needs of both instructors and students, enhancing the training experience to a whole new level.

A Versatile Communication Tool:

Whether you're honing your skills on the track or receiving guidance from the instructor, the WRC Academy Intercom System ensures clear and efficient communication.

Key Features:

Instructor Connectivity: This system empowers instructors to maintain constant contact with students. Instructors can connect via a helmet inside the car for in-vehicle instruction. Additionally, they can seamlessly link to a Motorola CP200 radio, extending communication beyond the car's confines. This dual connectivity ensures instructors can provide guidance at every stage of training.

Steering Wheel Integration: The WRC Academy Intercom System features a Mini XLR female connector, allowing easy connection to a Push-to-Talk (PTT) button on the steering wheel. This innovation puts control at your fingertips, ensuring that communication is effortless and uninterrupted during training sessions.

Experience the Future of Training:

Elevate your training experience with the WRC Academy Intercom System. It's the ideal choice for the Richard Petty Academy and any institution or team seeking superior communication solutions for their training programs.

Empower instructors and students with the ability to communicate both in and out of the car, ensuring that every moment on the track is a learning opportunity. With seamless connectivity and a user-friendly interface, the WRC Academy Intercom System redefines training excellence.

Choose the WRC Academy Intercom System and discover the future of motorsport training communication. Unlock the potential for clearer, more effective instruction and take your skills to new heights with this cutting-edge system.


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