Stilo Sizing

Finding Your Perfect Fit: Sizing Your Stilo Helmet

At Stilo, we believe that optimal performance on the track starts with the perfect fit. Our commitment to precision engineering extends beyond cutting-edge technology and materials; it encompasses every aspect of the helmet, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for every racer. Whether you're tackling tight corners or chasing the checkered flag, the right helmet fit can make all the difference in your performance and safety.

With a range of shell sizes meticulously designed to accommodate various head shapes and sizes, Stilo helmets offer a tailored fit that enhances both comfort and performance. From our flagship ST5 full-face helmets to the innovative Venti open-face models, each helmet is crafted with attention to detail, allowing drivers to focus on the thrill of the race without distractions or discomfort.

Some Things to Note:

Stilo prides itself on the perfect fit, to get the perfect fit we highly suggest visiting one of our authorized dealers to be fitted exactly your new helmet. For customers looking for a size to get started, Stilo helmets run traditionally a hair smaller than other sizes on the market.

Here's a detailed breakdown of our sizing system across our full face and open face helmet ranges:

ST5 Helmets (Full Face):

  • Available in two shell sizes: small and large.
  • The small shell covers sizes from 54 (XS) to 59 (L).
  • The large shell accommodates sizes from 60 (L+) to 64 (XXXL).
  • Exception: ST5 CMR junior karting helmet, available only in a new reduced size (narrower) small shell from 54 (XS) to 59 (L).

Venti WRC, WRX, and Trophy Helmets (Open Face):

  • Introducing a third (medium) shell size for optimal weight distribution and comfort.
  • Small shell: Fits sizes from 54 (XS) to 58 (L).
  • Medium shell: Designed for sizes 59 (L) and 61 (XL).
  • Large shell: Ideal for sizes 63 (XXL) and 64 (XXXL).
  • Notable Development: Carbon, 8860, and Zero models now available in the largest size shell, a first in the industry.

Stilo Sport Range:

  • Features two shell sizes: small and large.
  • Small shell: Covers sizes from XS to M.
  • Large shell: Designed for sizes L and XL.
  • Note: Internal linings of the Stilo Sport range offer a more relaxed fit compared to WRC helmets.