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Venti Trophy Helmets

  • -Offered in "Jet" or "Plus" designating electronics add-on
  • -Updated Interior with "venti" line/li>
  • -Available in 3 shell sizes for optimal fitment
  • -Offshore Version Available

Introducing the Stilo Venti Trophy Plus Composite Helmet, a cutting-edge open-faced helmet equipped with integrated earmuffs and a boom mic. Engineered with an advanced shell structure utilizing MSF (Multi Sandwich Fibers) reinforced with Kevlar, the Venti Trophy Plus guarantees unparalleled impact resistance, certified by Snell SA2020 and FIA 8859. Available in Silver and White, this helmet range offers three shell sizes for a customized fit, ensuring both safety and comfort. Seamlessly stay connected with WIRELESS and WIRED WRC intercom connections, facilitating constant communication with your co-driver. In honor of 20 years in business, the Venti Helmet line boasts upgrades like updated plush interior paddings and an optional short visor, blending protection with style seamlessly.

Venti WRC Helmets

  • -Standard Built-in communcation system
  • -Offered in Composite or Carbon Versions
  • -Available in SA2020, FIA 8859 & FIA 8860 Certifications
  • -Offshore Version Available

The Venti WRC is an evolutionary step forward from the legendary WRC helmets worn by numerous rally champions. With composite and carbon options the Venti WRC helmet is available in SA2020, FIA 8859 & FIA 8860 ratings. Featuring the iconic Stilo design favored by top drivers worldwide, the Venti WRC incorporates built-in intercoms. Enhancements include an improved microphone boom shape, adept at deflecting cabin noise for clearer communication between co-driver and driver. Additional features include an adjustable peak for optimal visibility in varying light conditions, compatibility with short visors, WRC intercom systems, and factory-fitted HANS Post anchors.

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