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ST5 FN Helmets

  • -Non-Integrated Sideports, specifically designed accessory line
  • -Advanced aerodynamics for improved airflow
  • -Lightest helmet line in ST5 Range
  • -ABP Rated Options Available

The ST5 FN, denoting Formula Naked, is specifically engineered for open-wheel cars. While lacking the built-in sideports of the GT model, the FN still provides compatibility with Stilo communication systems and accessories, ensuring connectivity and customization options tailored to the needs of Formula racing enthusiasts. This variant is optimized for aerodynamics and enhanced visibility, essential in the high-speed, open-cockpit racing environment.

ST5 GT Helmets

  • -Integrated sideports accepting a variety of accessories
  • -Multiple ventilation points for improved airflow
  • -"Zero" options available in both 8859 & 8860 ratings
  • -Most commonly used in GT style racing

The ST5 GT model is tailored for closed cockpit settings, boasting unique built-in sideports—a feature unparalleled in the market. This design facilitates seamless integration with various communication systems, including Stilo Intercom, Autotel, MRTC, and most other radio setups. Additionally, the GT model offers versatility with its range of compatible accessories, such as tinted and colored visors, Stilo drinks kit, and top air kit, optimizing both performance and comfort with multiple ventilation points strategically placed across the helmet.

The Stilo Difference:

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the track, offering a myriad of accessory add-ons to personalize your helmet for any competition. With our motto "any competition, one helmet" at heart, we empower drivers to tailor their gear to exacting specifications. From built in communication systems, drink & air systems, aero and more, Stilo ensures that your helmet is as unique as your racing style, providing unparalleled comfort, safety, and performance on every lap. Select a helmet below to start configuring your next Stilo helmet.

Understanding Safety Ratings:

Stilo offers helmets in Snell & FIA ratings. Depending on what type of racing or where you're going to be racing will determine what safety rating is best for you. It is best to check with the safety regulations of the race series you plan to race in prior to purchasing a helmet. If you want an in-depth explanation of safety ratings and how helmets are tested, be sure to head over to our tech area to learn more. Below you will find an outline of each rating and where they are most often required.

Snell Certification:

SA2020- Expires in 2025. Widely accepted in the USA and complements the FIA standards, and is required at minimum in Nascar. Helmets with this rating on our site are dual rated both SA2020 and FIA 8859.

FIA Certification Levels:

The FIA continually provides updates to when safety ratings change for helmets, Stilo recommends replacing helmets after 5 years of manufacturing date for FIA rated helmets.

FIA 8859-2018 Standard: Required by most European entry-level circuit racing and complements the Snell SA2020 rating.

FIA 8860-2018 Standard: Highest level, for top-tier series such as Formula 1, WEC, IMSA, WRC, etc.

FIA 8860-2018 ABP: (ABP) or Advanced Ballistic Protection, offers high impact protection with lightweight design. This helmet is designed specifically for formula style wheel to wheel racing and is required in F1.

ABP Helmets: What Are They?

ABP (Advanced Ballistic Protection) helmets represent the pinnacle of safety innovation in motorsport headwear. Designed to withstand the rigorous demands of high-speed racing, these helmets incorporate cutting-edge technology to provide unparalleled protection to drivers. The ABP designation signifies that the helmet meets stringent military specifications, including the ability to repel projectiles shot at speeds of up to 250 km/h. This advanced level of protection not only safeguards against potential impacts from debris but also raises the standard for impact testing, ensuring the utmost safety for drivers in the event of a crash.

In addition to their exceptional protective capabilities, ABP helmets offer a lightweight and sleek design, minimizing the strain on drivers during long races and enhancing overall comfort. The incorporation of specialized materials, such as carbon fiber, allows for the creation of helmets that are both strong and lightweight, without compromising on safety. As a requirement for top formula racing championships like Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula E, and W-Series, ABP helmets have become essential gear for professional drivers seeking the highest levels of performance and safety. With their blend of advanced technology, superior protection, and stylish design, ABP helmets represent the forefront of innovation in motorsport headwear, setting a new standard for safety in racing.

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