Offshore racing just got serious with Stilo:

Discover why Stilo is the ultimate choice for offshore racers seeking unparalleled performance and safety on the waves. At the forefront of innovation, Stilo presents a range of offshore full-face and open-face helmets designed to exceed the demands of the most extreme maritime environments. Among these, the Stilo WRC Venti Offshore stands out, leveraging the cutting-edge technology and premium craftsmanship synonymous with the brand.

Engineered to perfection, the Stilo WRC Venti Offshore incorporates the signature fluorescent orange finish, ensuring high visibility during intense offshore powerboat races. This helmet represents the pinnacle of safety and comfort, featuring the superior Stilo WRC electronics and padded ear cups renowned for their exceptional noise-canceling properties and clarity of communication. Seamlessly compatible with the Stilo Offshore intercom system (available separately) and team radio, this helmet becomes the nerve center of communication, facilitating seamless coordination among team members.

Designed with the needs of offshore racers in mind, the Stilo WRC Venti Offshore boasts a versatile peak that can be easily adjusted to optimize visibility, even in challenging lighting conditions. For added convenience, optional smoked and yellow visors are available, ingeniously designed to integrate seamlessly with the helmet, providing enhanced vision and minimizing distractions. With Stilo, offshore racers can confidently push the limits, knowing they are equipped with the finest in safety, innovation, and performance.

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